West Coast Swing

The official community in Ukraine

Welcome to the world of social dancing!

Why should you try West Coast Swing?


West Coast Swing is danced mostly to modern music. There are no limits, you can dance to Pop, Soul, R&B,
Funk, Rock, Rap, Blues, Jazz, Country, Disco.


WCS is a constant development, bodywork, interesting activities, travels, competitions and victories. You
won’t be bored, we promise!


Dancing is a perfect way to meet amazing people from all over the world. Our community is more than

West Coast Swing is your unforgettable emotions ♥

West Coast Swing is:

  • Your favorite music

  • Pure improvisation – you can dance with anyone!

  • No special training is needed – yes, age, height, weight and dance experience do not matter!

  • New friends

  • Travels and dance conventions

  • Charismatic teachers

  • Parties every week

Meeting new people, affordable classes and a few hours of humor will make your week bright!