West Coast Swing

Throughout the history of swing dancing, the world has changed dramatically many times. Changed tastes, styles of clothing, styles of music.

The openness of the dance community to all fashion trends has given rise to West Coast Swing (WCS) – a dance that has absorbed the rhythms and styles of all the past decades, while retaining the possibility of free improvisation and interpretation of music.

Now West Coast Swing is a spectacular dance filled with inner energy, which is almost as fun to watch as dancing yourself.

Recently, WCS has absorbed elements of such dance styles as Hustle, Latin, Modern Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Zouk, etc. Today, WCS is actively dancing by both professionals and amateurs.


WCS is not tied to a specific style in music and throughout its development follows the fashionable musical trends of each era.

Nowadays WCS is danced to any 4/4 music, from Blues, Jazz, Country to Funk, Disco, R&B, Rap, Soul, Pop.

At a slow pace, this dance looks smooth, supple and sexy, while at a fast pace, the distance between partners decreases significantly, and the dance itself looks more dynamic and crisp.


WCS gives both partners freedom for self-realization and thereby attracts more and more fans around the world. This dynamic, sexy and playful dance is a pleasure for both skillful dancers and beginners.

The driving force behind its development is improvisation, which helps partners each time to find and come up with new variations of steps and dance patterns in a completely natural and simple way.


West Coast Swing is a social dance, which means its main goal is not to win competitions, but to enjoy communication and bright joint hanging out with like-minded people.

But for those who like sports excitement, who are interested in monitoring their progress through victories in competitions, we have the international rating system WSDC and a large number of contests in the fan format. To take part? You decide!